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The US News Health article entitled “Camelina: The Heart-Heathly Oil You’ve Never Heard Of – to lower your cholesterol, grab a bottle” by K. Aleisha Fetters, Contributor, January 19, 2018.  “Camelina Oil had a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels, but no effects were observed for fatty or lean fish.” 

Camelina oil was first used in northern Europe hundreds of years ago for food, medicine and lamp oil. It is extracted from seeds of Camelina sativa, a plant native to Europe, which grows well in cold and arid climates. Camelina production dropped after World War II, as camelina was replaced with higher-yielding crops.

All efforts are made to ensure naturally organic or certified organic ingredients are used in the Camelina products shown on this site. Each Camelina company is researched and reviewed to maintain the highest quality service, product manufacturing and research. Just as importantly, we want to do business with people who are heart-based, who are of the highest integrity and commitment to transparency and service. We welcome new connections and product innovations, so please Contact Us if you have any recommendations!

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