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Who We Are

Camelina Marketplace is a centralized information center for producers and consumers to share their common passion for this sustainable and versatile healthful living plant. 

We want our community to celebrate and share our common passion for all of the Camelina products available globally.

We will be the source of the latest blogs, scientific research, and articles for Camelina in order to expand the awareness of this very special seed oil.

We are committed to having the most up to date information with easy access to products, purchasing links, recipes, alternative uses and shared community experiences with Camelina Sativa!

Mission and Vision

Our mission at Camelina Marketplace is to create a community for Farmers, Producers, Distributors and most importantly, Consumers of Camelina products.  

  • We will ensure our information is accurate, verifiable and more importantly valued by our Consumers.  
  • We will listen, learn and distribute healthful information for those who crave to feel better and live with joy.
  • We will help Distributors, both retail and Farmers Markets, with marketing plans and “how to” instructions to build customer channels and increase sales of Camelina products.
  • We will support our Farmers and Producers by creating a cooperative community where new information, studies, and investment opportunities can be shared so we can all prosper.

Our vision is to create a vibrant Camelina community utilizing state of the art online strategies with the goal to be the foremost source of information and product distribution globally. We encourage sharing of ideas, recipes, and wholesale and/retail opportunities to allow the benefits of Camelina to be shared by as many people as possible. We want Camelina farmers to be successful and Camelina consumers to be healthy.

All efforts are made to ensure naturally organic or certified organic ingredients are used in the Camelina products shown on this site. Each Camelina company is researched and reviewed to maintain the highest quality service, product manufacturing and research. Just as importantly, we want to do business with people who are heart-based, who are of the highest integrity and commitment to transparency and service. We welcome new connections and product innovations, so please Contact Us if you have any recommendations!

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