What is Camelina?

Camelina is a flowering plant that has been found in archeological sites in Europe as far back as 4,000 years.

It grows throughout Europe, Asia, Canada and in several states in the U.S. Camelina Sativa is a flowering plant in the family Brassicaceae and is usually known in English as camellia, gold-of-pleassure, or false flax, also occasionally wild flax, linseed dodder, German sesame, and Siberian oilseed.

Source: Wikipedia

Camelina is becoming a highly sought after crop globally, as seen in the Businesswire.

The Camelina Sativa seed can be used in Vegan baking as an egg substitute and is a source of Plant Protein.  We also use the seeds as a thickener for smoothies as it gels similar to a Chia Seed and brings a nutty flavor to oatmeal, cereals and salads.

The Camelina Sativa seed is cold-pressed to create an oil which can be used for high temperature cooking (475F smoke point), a topical treatment for skin and hair and a wonderfully healthful addition to human, equine and canine food.  The protein component is removed at the cold press process.

Camelina Sativa oil has been tested to be one of the purest, most versatile carrier oils for CBD, flavored oils and massage therapy due to its high amount of natural, plant based Vitamin E and Omega 3’s.

For additional information on healthful benefits of Camelina: go to our Resources/Recipes page. 

Why are Camelina Seed and Oil products so healthful?

Camelina oil has been analyzed by various 3rd party scientific groups. The chart below was created to compare Camelina against many popular and healthful oils currently used in many kitchens.

There are extensive studies over the past years regarding the beneficial results of adding Camelina into your diet, including the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 12/22/2017 study for lowering LDL discussed in the US News Health.

Kim & Stuart with bouquets of Camelina prior to harvest at the Camelina Gold Farm, Ole World Oils, Ritzville (WA).

Camelina Gold Oil for Humans!

Camelina seeds and oil are used in our kitchen every day. The seeds are especially wonderful in smoothies for added volume, as they gel like chia seeds while being a great addition to any Vegan’s kitchen staple.

One tablespoon of Camelina seeds, soaked, equals an egg in vegan baking. As Camelina has been certified as Gluten Free, it is a healthful alternative flour; while grinding, care must be taken as the seeds are full of oil and can clog normal grinders.

We cook with this oil, we use it in our baking, we drink a shot a day and use it on our skin as a moisturizer.  We consider this an all purpose oil or “inside/outside” oil. Click Here to buy.

We also blend with various spices, vinegars and fresh vegetables for our salad dressings, marinades and bread dips.  Go to our Resource/Recipes page!

Wild Gold Camelina Oil for Horses and Dogs!

As we all know, our animal companions require specific nutrients and additions to their diets to maintain a healthy life. Camelina has proven to be exceptionally good for performance equines and canines as well as a support for those animals that are recovering or aging gracefully.

There are many animal products that use Camelina; however, the products we recommend on this site are as close to pure as we have been able to find in the marketplace. 

Wild Gold, our recommended Camelina product for Horses, has a Premium product that includes Alltech Bio-MOS probiotics, Aloe and Algae (Spirulina).  It also has an Original formulation that is 100% Camelina Oil farmed in Conrad, Montana.  Both of these products are exceptional for maintaining a horse’s weight, building essential muscle, reducing inflammation in muscles, tendons and ligaments and supporting overall health. Click Here to buy.

Canines of all sizes and shapes, working and couch potatoes, need to have Vitamin E and good Omegas to support joints, fur, skin and internal organ health. Click here for the latest article: thebark.com

Wild Gold has indicated the following for horses, which is easily applied to canines also:

“Besides being essential to your horse’s diet, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in Wild Gold Original Camelina Oil have been shown to positively impact cell membrane response to trauma and infection as well as reducing inflammation. Recent research in horses has even shown that fatty acids may have the potential to help regulate insulin sensitivity.” 

Source:  WildGold.com

All efforts are made to ensure naturally organic or certified organic ingredients are used in the Camelina products shown on this site. Each Camelina company is researched and reviewed to maintain the highest quality service, product manufacturing and research. Just as importantly, we want to do business with people who are heart-based, who are of the highest integrity and commitment to transparency and service. We welcome new connections and product innovations, so please Contact Us if you have any recommendations!

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