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We love adventure and live in joy!

In the fall of 1979, Stuart and Kim met in a Psychology class at The Colorado College and became best friends.  

It took 37 years and a few seconds of courage for them to reunite via social media.  

Within 4 days they realized their friendship was stronger than ever and 30 days later they met in Pacifica, CA. 

It took only 4 months to move Stuart to Scottsdale Arizona, Stuart had sold Camelina Gold in the Vancouver, Washington Farmer’s Market for years, and he wanted to “bring his oil to the desert”!

Stuart and Kim are dedicated to to living a life full of joy, fun, laughter and adding to their healthful and heart-based tribe.

Stuart K Ralston

Stuart K Ralston was born in Portland OR and received his BA in Business Administration from The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO.  Stuart received his Masters in International Management from Thunderbird School of International Management.  After moving his family back to the Portland Area, he specialized in the lumber industry and became increasingly interested in healthful living.  

Stuart first was introduced to Camelina Oil at the Vancouver, WA Farmer’s Market.  “After I heard all of the healthful aspects of this very special oil, I realized it was the most uniquely beneficial oil I had ever seen!”  The following week, Stuart returned to the market and asked to be part of the campaign to spread the word on the wonderful aspects of Camelina Oil.  

Stuart extended his commitment to supporting healthful living by becoming a Certified Health Coach and Master Health Coach, specializing in coaching men over 40 to reclaim their health and well-being.  His company, Good Knight Health, LLC. Is dedicated to supporting these coaching efforts as well as distributing healthful products such as Amare (A Mental Wellness Company) supplements, doTerra essential oils and SevenPoint2, the Alkaline Company.

Kim Crossen

Kim Crossen was born in Seattle, WA and received her BA in Anthropology from The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO.  

Kim moved to Southern California and worked for various companies until she started with Veterinary Pet Insurance (now Nationwide Pet Insurance).  After 20 years working with a wonderfully talented team to bring pet health insurance to hundreds of thousands of Pet Parents, Kim moved to Scottsdale, AZ as the Director of Program Management for Nationwide Private Client.  

Kim retired from Nationwide Private Client (a Subsidiary of Nationwide Mutual Insurance) in 2017 and started her small business consulting firm, K Crossen Consulting LLC.  Kim specializes in coaching start up and small businesses to grow and become more operationally efficient to meet their revenue and customer needs.

Kim’s joy comes from coaching people and helping animals to live healthy and fulfilling lives. 

All efforts are made to ensure naturally organic or certified organic ingredients are used in the Camelina products shown on this site. Each Camelina company is researched and reviewed to maintain the highest quality service, product manufacturing and research. Just as importantly, we want to do business with people who are heart-based, who are of the highest integrity and commitment to transparency and service. We welcome new connections and product innovations, so please Contact Us if you have any recommendations!

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